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January 15th, 2013

So, I decided to join the New Year, New Me bandwagon for 2013. Yea, yea I know, I am one of those people now. Listen, after having a baby (a 10 pound 13oz baby I may add) you want your body back, and will pretty much starve yourself to get it. Instead of starving myself which isn’t good for me, or the people in my family (enter: cat claws)  I decided to do a health cleanse. I really want to be as healthy as I can for my new growing family! But, I am not doing it alone, I elected my husband to do it with me, (not sure exactly how he felt about that haha) We both got pleasantly plump over the last 9 months…So, yep we are both going to get our pre-baby bodies back haha!

We decided on the Isagenix 30 day cleansing and fat burning system. I found out about this particular cleanse from my cousin who had a baby two weeks after me, she writes over at the Lilac & Grey blog about Fashion and Real Estate.   She named her blog post about the cleanse Operation Body Comeback. I thought that was so funny! so fitting!  and so true!! Check it out.

If you are curious to know, the cleanse has all natural ingredients, helps you lose weight and gives you all of your essential daily vitamins and minerals. Who wouldn’t want all that? It isn’t a laxative, or diurectic so you don’t have to worry about… ya know, running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Which was something my husband was really worried about.  Ok, so was I!

Anyway, I am sure you are wondering can people with type 1 diabetes use this? The answer is yes and Type 2’s also. I did research to make sure, and there are files with tips on how to help you manage your blood sugars while on the system. Let me know if you want the info. You should contact your doctor though to let them know and to make sure this is something that you can be on. I contacted mine and got the OK, stamp of approval, and will be contacting them weekly to make any adjustments I need for food and exercise.

Basically, the gist of the system is that you have two shakes during the day, whichever time of the day you would normally eat a meal and then a healthy well balanced one for the third. In between you can have either Isagenix snacks (recommended) or healthy snacks and drink A LOT of water. There are also supplements you take with the system as well. And thats it! Really easy. Doable by anyone! Check out the details here.

Both my husband and I started yesterday and we both had no complaints, so far. I am also using the myfitnesspal app on my iphone to keep a food and exercise log, and I use the notes section to add in my blood sugars. I haven’t started my exercise routine just yet because I want to see how my blood sugars are going first.

Here is part of what Day 1 looked like on the app:

As you can see on the Food Notes section image (image right) the want more energy drink did raise my blood sugar level. When I looked back at the nutritional value I didn’t notice that it was a two serving scoop and didn’t bolus for it. So now I know for the next time.

By logging everything (image left)I can see exactly how each item of the cleanse is affecting my blood sugars. It also has this handy dandy calorie counter that tells you how many calories you are taking in based on what foods you log.  If you have a specific goal in mind it will automatically deduct it when you add an item. There is an exercise log book as well which I haven’t been using yet but, I tested it out and there are tons of exercises to choose from. Really cool!

I will try as much as I can to write about my personal journey using this system with type 1 diabetes. So, please if you have any questions about it you can ask me anytime by leaving a comment or emailing me at gcapone1 (at) optonline (dot) net

There is also a Isabetic facebook page if you wanted to find out more too.







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Welcome to Coffee talk with your blog host Gina Capone, first of all I would like to say happy 2 month birthday to my son Bushmeister, Happy Birthday bubbalah.

So, I wanted to tell yous all that the other day on the facebook I put a call out to my friends to give me topics on what to blog about, diah-bee-tus and non-diah-bee-tus related…so you have tah-days post: Coffee tawk with Gina Capone. (origin:  Coffee Talk)

I am very excited about tah-day because I am ded-dee-cating this blog post to the late great Sir Frederick Grant Banting the greatest scientist in all of his-tah-ree! As yous know he invented insulin, ya know what keeps us type ones alive, oh my gawsh, give me a minute because when I think about all he’s done forus people with diah-bee-tus it makes me feel all fahklempt. Sylvia, give me a tissue, tawk amongst yaselves, ok I’m betta.

Would you believe the otha day I was at the staw and I see a girl with an insoonlin pump. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ohmuhgosh here I go again getting all fahklempt again. Tawk amongst yaselves.. I will give you a topic…

The Diabetes police is neither real nor fake… Discuss.



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8 January 2013


**D-blog Day was started on November 9th, 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and to create awareness about diabetes.

Hello Everyone,

In case you have never participated in D-Blog Day before, the entire DOC writes a blog post of similar topic that I come up with (or have help with from others) on their personal blogs and on the date of November 9. After blog posts are written, links can be added here on this post for everyone to see. (below)

Thanks to a very special Diabetes Dad, Tom Karlya, who helped me, we finally have a topic for this year… because I’ve had a bad case pregnancy brain!!

Here it is!!! Along with some directions!


Choose a form of Media Outlet to write an open letter to, such as NY Times, CNN, Local/National Newspapers, TV and why it is so important for them to let the world know that diabetes is more than just being overweight and having too much sugar. It is about reporting stories about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Let them know what kind of things you would like them to write about. If there are specific articles or reports they got wrong, let them know about it! Let’s get it right!

Twitter Hashtag #dblogday

Once your post is done, please link it here by adding it to our list on Simply Linked (below)!

Don’t forget to add the link from your blog back to this page on November 9, so everyone can find all of the D-blog Day posts!

You can also add the D-Blog Logo to your post if you would like, by right clicking the image.


Happy D-Blog Day!!


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11 October 2012


My pal George at Ninjabetic.com said it’s NO D-Day, so I will not post about the topic that shall not be named !!


So here is a post about pregnancy and how I am getting anxiety closer to my due date!

I have to say I thought I would be blogging a lot more about my pregnancy but, it has been amazingly boring. I wish I had more to report but, whenever I go to the OB doctor he tells me everything is right on schedule and baby is doing fantastic. (lets knock on wood it stays this way)

But, now that I am getting much closer to my due date, I am having major anxiety about birth and being a mother. Not that I have it all day long or anything, just mainly at night. Ya know, when I TRY to go to sleep.

My mind goes crazy and I honestly feel as though I am actually talking to myself. LOL

Its like all of a sudden I realized I will be responsible for another human being in a couple of weeks? Like, holy crap….Me a mom? Am I ready for this? Will I drop him on his head? Will I know how to change a diaper? Will the stench of his poop make me want to vomit?

I am also dreaming about giving birth and it scares the crap out of me. Is it going to hurt? Is something bad going to happen to me or the baby? Do I need a c-section? Will I want to kill my husband ? LOL

Am I going crazyyyy???????

I guess what I really want to know is, moms did you feel like this before birth?

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1 October 2012


I am happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting our first baby due November 12!!! (could be a WDD baby) We found out the amazing news on March 4th. I can’t even express how exciting and surreal the moment felt. I still can’t believe it!

Now, let me add my a1c was not ideal for pregnancy, I was at a whopping 8.9 and alerted my diabetes team through email immediately. We found out on a Sunday so, I had to wait till the next morning to find out what I needed to do.

I received an email very quickly the next morning from my CDE/Nurse practitioner:

“Now you HAVE TO CHECK & bolus.  Only you can make the right decisions here Gina.  Obviously this was not an optimal time for you to conceive.

If you want to ensure the health of this baby you need to do the following: Check before & 2 hours after EVERY meal.  If you are skipping meal, which you should not, you need to check at least every 3 hours that you are awake.

Your glucose goals are 60-90 fasting & before meals & <120 2 hours after meals.  You need to upload to Care Link weekly & email me to check you numbers.

You need to be seen in the office here monthly, please call to set up an appt & let them know you are pregnant.  You should meet with a nutritionist each trimester.  You should be seen by your OB immediately & set up an appt with a high risk OB as well.”

My first thought to this was MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and a bit of a head spin. How the hell am I going to do this?

For almost 4 years I have been trying to do this exact thing, and with no luck I may add. The closest I had been was two years ago at 7.2. The pregnancy a1c goals actually put me into a severe diabetes burnout for the past year because an a1c of 6.5 just was not happening for me.  I felt like a complete failure, and never even thought the possibility of getting pregnant was in my future. My age also started becoming a huge factor for me because I am 36 and I did not want to be 40 and having my first child. Not that there is anything wrong with being 40, its just my personal opinion.

The months prior to my pregnancy I had been tracking my ovulation with the clear blue ovulation monitor because I just wanted to know when I ovulated for when I did get my a1c down. (Who would’a thunk it?) Three months passed and no egg came on the meter. I said to my husband that there is probably something wrong with me, I’m probably not fertile, I am too old, my blood is too high etc… I drove him crazy. He told me to just relax that there was nothing wrong with me. Of, course…I didn’t believe him.

So, I just kept on peeing on sticks, and in February the freakin’ egg came on the meter! Hallelujah!! The first time I saw the egg was on Feb. 19. I screamed to my husband from the bathroom. We have an egg!! We have an egg!! I honestly never thought I would be so excited to see an egg on an ovulation meter LOL.

Anyway, he’s like, well what do you want to do? and I said welllllll what do you wanna do? Like two schmeckles we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do. I said to him my a1c sucks but, I am not even sure what the a1c number three months prior has to do with anything anyway. I said, I am healthy (besides the diabetes obvi), I have only had diabetes for 11 years, my blood is 110 right now and what are the odds it will happen on the first time, anyway? So, I say yes, let’s do it!  We both agreed that we would take it one day at a time.

And here we are 13 weeks pregnant, with a healthy baby … and it still feels like a dream. My a1c is now at 7.2, which was a huge struggle but, I got it down in less than two months and that is a feat in itself.

I will be logging my pregnancy here leading up to the big day, and hope you will enjoy reading about this incredible journey. Hopefully you will learn some things along the way or pass me on some advice!!!!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride!!! Hang on!!

My current a1c is: 7.2

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1 May 2012

HAWMC 2012

For the next 30 days, I’ll be participating in the WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Well I will try to at least!

Some suggestions from Wego Health:
• Share links to your daily posts over on our WEGO Health Facebook page and on Twitter with #HAWMC to connect with fellow HAWMCers. If you haven’t yet – be sure to follow @wegohealth on Twitter – we’ll be sharing HAWMC posts all month long!
• Get to know fellow HAWMCers – whether they’re in your health focus or condition-area or not. We’re all health bloggers and Health Activists. Meeting and connecting with each other is a great idea.
• Tell your readers or community members about HAWMC. Let them know you’ll be doing the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and that they can join in the fun too. The more the merrier! (Here’s a link to share the sign up page: http://bit.ly/x1gGxg )

Today’s blog prompt is: Health Time Capsule Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened till 2112.  What’s in it?  What would people think of it when they found it?

I would obviously have to put all of my diabetes necessities into the time capsule.

• Insulin
• Test strips
• Insulin Pump & supplies. (how big is this thing?)
• Glucagon
• Glucose tabs, drinks.
• Syringes just in case the pump fails
• Ketone stix
• batteries
• snacks
• insurance card
• prescriptions
• a list of diabetes resources and social media platforms

I would have a letter written to whom it may concern, explaining how our diabetes online community has come together to advocate for diabetes and how important social media became in diabetes care. How that people with diabetes don’t have to feel alone anymore and that they can do this. I would go into detail explaining how important wearing a pump/cgm is and how long it took for us to fight for it. How technology was ever changing and how patients voices became a huge force to be reckoned with.

I would like to hope that by 2112, diabetes would be cured and the person who sees all of the supplies and reads my letter, would get a glimpse of what life was like with diabetes back in the day!

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1 April 2012

Gina, Ramblings

Today is my Dia-versary, and in case you didn’t know it’s also Black Friday. How fitting… haha.

My diagnosis was on November 25, 2000 at precisely 11:10am. How do I remember this? Because right before the doctor came into the office I looked at my watch to see what time it was. It’s funny the little things you remember.

It’s now 11 years later and the sting of my diagnosis is still there. People believe that you can live well with diabetes. I believe that myself, sometimes. Other times I just sit there and think about all of the worst case scenarios and the numbers that constantly circle around inside my head. It consumes me and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Why can’t I get my shit together? In 11 years I still can’t get over the fact that my life is different and that I have to take insulin and count carbs and worry about lows and highs every day of my life. I don’t know how to make peace with it.

At times I just pretend like I don’t have diabetes at all. I want my life to go back to the days before my diagnosis. Back then, my biggest concerns were what outfit I was going to wear or if I was going to sleep in that day.

There are days when I don’t want to think at all. I just want to go to bed and not have any thoughts. I want to be completely relaxed and not have any worries about if I am going to make it through the night or not. Or if diabetes retinopathy will take my vision away because my blood sugar is high or the other complications that may occur over my lifetime.

The things that get me through are days like this. The day I was diagnosed because let’s be honest I could have been dead. I think I was untreated for a long time before I even had the courage to go to the doctor.

I try so hard to help others and advocate for this disease but never practice what I preach. I am always focusing on what could happen to me, why are my numbers so high? why can’t I get my a1c down? Why me?

All I can do is try to be better, right? I know I have a problem of skipping boluses or forgetting to check my blood sugars because I just don’t want to deal with it. And I am trying to fix that.

It’s all I can do.


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25 November 2011


Why you feel the Diabetes Online Community is so important? especially to you personally?
I come from the era of Aol chat rooms and instant messaging so it only made sense that when I was first diagnosed with diabetes on November 25, 2000 the first place I went to to find the answers was the Internet.

Now let me just rewind for a minute and say that being diagnosed during the holidays was tough. My first encounter with depression and a crazy meltdown happened exactly one month after my diagnosis. I was at work and a box of chocolates that was given to us by a company was put on my desk. I looked at the box and immediately started to cry, in fact I went to the bathroom and cried for half an hour (yes, over a box of chocolates). It was the first time it became real to me that I was going to be living with a disease that had changed my life forever. It was the moment that I first felt different than everyone else. I couldn’t just pick up that box and eat two candies without feeling the repercussions of a disease that could kill me if I didn’t take care of myself.

The only person I knew that had type 1 diabetes was my mother’s sister who was going through kidney failure and dialysis at that time. It scared the living hell out of me to think that could happen to me. I didn’t tell anyone what I was feeling or about the concerns i was having because I was afraid that I would be a burden to my family or they would even make fun of me for making a big deal about it. I didn’t even ask the endocrinologist what I should expect to go through.  I was going through every possible emotion you could imagine. I didn’t even want to leave the house to go to work. I needed to find others like me ASAP.

When I first typed “diabetes support” into whatever search engine I was using at that time, the first link that came up was Joslin Diabetes Message Boards. I didn’t know it at the time but that was my entry way into the world of online support. It was important for me not to be alone. So, when I was so completely fed up with my pump sites gushing blood there was a thread for that, When I wanted to get advice on what glucose tabs taste the best? There was a thread for that. And over the years, the level of support available online has grown dramatically. When I want to learn about the latest technology or research that is going on? There is a thread and tweet for that.

When I just need a friend to talk to because I feel like I can’t handle anything at all, I know my pals from The Diabetes Online Community will be there to help me get through it. There’s always someone online that I can count on to be there when I need them most.

Some of the friends and relationships that I have made online are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You guys have become my extended family and I love you all.

Happy D-Blog Day everyone! See ya next year!!

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10 November 2011


The 6th annual D-blog Day is coming upon on us November 9 and I finally have a topic. Well sort of a topic more  like a project! This year I decided to do things a bit differently and put a creative twist on the day.

What you should know... D-blog Day was started on November 9th 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and create awareness about diabetes.

What I would like to do this is year is to have a scrapbooking project. Everyone will make a 12×12 scrapbook page and take a pic of their creation and post it on their blog. Then you to send it to me through snail mail (send me an email at gina.capone(at)gmail(dot)com and I will give you the mailing address) so I can make a huge scrapbook that will incorporate all of the pages into a book format. I will tie the pages with a ribbon or try to bind it some other way to keep it together. How that will happen really depends on how many participants we have.

Below is a sample page of something I created which is 1 part actual scrapbook and 1 part computer generation because I didn’t have enough supplies! (I will do better than this I promise!)

What your scrapbook page needs to include:

• 12×12 sheet of paper

• The name of the person with diabetes, family name, dedication name

• Diagnosis Date

• D-Blog Day 2011

• I want a cure

• Blue World Diabetes Day Circle or Diabetes Ribbon


Please use the hashtag: #dblogday and be sure to spread the word!!

Alternative: If you won’t be doing a scrapbook page.

The blog topic for this year is: Why you feel the Diabetes Online Community is so important? especially to you personally? Give examples of other diabetes involvement may you have, on or offline, how it helped you etc… How do you think “we” as an online community can band together to reach broader audiences to help even more people living with or affected by diabetes.

Be sure to come back here and add your link to this post below




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14 October 2011

Dblog Week 9-15, 2011

Second Annual Dblog Week

I am participating in the Second Annual Dblog Week started last year by Karen of the Bittersweet blog. Thank you Karen !

Today’s Prompt: Wild Card

I got creative! Click on photos to make it larger


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15 May 2011

Dblog Week 9-15, 2011

Second Annual Dblog Week

I am participating in the Second Annual Dblog Week started last year by Karen of the Bittersweet blog. Thank you Karen !

Today’s Prompt: Saturday Snapshot

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14 May 2011