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New Year, New Me…The Cleanse.

January 15th, 2013

So, I decided to join the New Year, New Me bandwagon for 2013. Yea, yea I know, I am one of those people now. Listen, after having a baby (a 10 pound 13oz baby I may add) you want your body back, and will pretty much starve yourself to get it. Instead of starving myself [...]

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Coffee Tawk with Gina Capone

January 8th, 2013

Welcome to Coffee talk with your blog host Gina Capone, first of all I would like to say happy 2 month birthday to my son Bushmeister, Happy Birthday bubbalah. So, I wanted to tell yous all that the other day on the facebook I put a call out to my friends to give me topics [...]

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D-Blog Day, Nov. 9, 2012

October 11th, 2012

**D-blog Day was started on November 9th, 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month, to help unite diabetes bloggers and to create awareness about diabetes. Hello Everyone, In case you have never participated in D-Blog Day before, the entire DOC writes a blog post of similar topic that I come up with (or have help with from [...]

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October 1st, 2012

My pal George at Ninjabetic.com said it’s NO D-Day, so I will not post about the topic that shall not be named !!   So here is a post about pregnancy and how I am getting anxiety closer to my due date! — I have to say I thought I would be blogging a lot [...]

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Bun in the Oven

May 1st, 2012

I am happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting our first baby due November 12!!! (could be a WDD baby) We found out the amazing news on March 4th. I can’t even express how exciting and surreal the moment felt. I still can’t believe it! Now, let me add my a1c was [...]

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