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What the hell!

March 22nd, 2008

Can someone tell me what is up with the size of test strip bottles, and why they have to be so damn big? BD was bought out by Novamax so I had to switch from my regular sized BD test strip bottles. (below)

To these (below) WTF???? Only 25 test strips are in this bottle. It can fit about 100 in there. We are trying to save the earth too much plastic here, there has to be a smaller bottle you can use Novamax?

My old bottle fits inside of the new bottle whats up with that? Can anyone tell me why the bottle has to be so big? Really.

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5 Responses to “What the hell!”

  1. baddecisionmaker Says:

    someone was complaining about this on a diabetes listserve i’m on, and another person said it’s because they had too many complaints that the bottle was too small to stick your finger in & get strips out. still, that’s annoying to carry around something that big.

    you can save your old small containers and refill them from the big ones…

  2. Robert Says:

    I was upset by the new larger bottles too. I think its for older people, maybe its easier for them to grip and open the larger bottles.

    What I normally do now is open a new box and immediately dump the contents of one bottle into the other. That is, assuming they both have the same code.

  3. Scott Says:

    LOL! I thought the vial for One Touch Ultra was too big, and this one is twice as big!

  4. AmyT of www.diabetesmine.com Says:

    LOL! This is part of the reason I hated the OneTouch — huge bottles with only 25 test strips in each, versus somewhat smaller bottles from FreeStyle with 50 TS in each. Much more economical!

  5. Johnboy Says:

    sucky…i would transfer the strips if it were me…

    it would be great if those labels could peel off and be put onto a smaller strip holder.

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