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June 19th, 2008

I am officially dubbing July 1 as CGMS DENIAL DAY.

Me, along with many others are sick of being denied coverage for the CGMS. Join me on July 1 to raise our voices as a community.

If you have been denied coverage for the CGMS by your insurance company, Please make a post on your blog, personal website and or a video post wherever you are a community member. Tell everyone how important the CGMS is for you to keep healthy.

In the subject line of ALL your posts please put:

To keep track of everyone’s posts, and make our voices heard. I have created a logo to post with your blog post (see below). When you are done with your blog post, post your link here in the comment section or send your denial blog post link or denial story to me gcapone1 (at) optonline (dot) net, Please put CGMS DENIAL in the Subject line.

Many people have posted in the CGMS post your link section on Tudiabetes as well.

right click image to save a

if you want a banner style you can use t his:

Together we can all make a difference. Maybe someone will hear us.


PS: If you need help trying to get coverage go to CGMS CENTRAL

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15 Responses to “CGMS DENIAL DAY JULY 1”

  1. Jon Schlaman Says:

    What about when they won’t even prescribe one because they are sure the insurance won’t cover it? Does that count too?

  2. Bernard Farrell Says:

    Thanks Gina

    This is enough to make me try and claim a CGM from my insurance. Don’t forget the Kevin has http://cgmscentral.com/ to track coverage by insurance companies.

  3. Denise Says:

    What if they just won’t give you insurance at all. I have been denied insurance coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 5 times.

  4. Karen Says:

    I’ve only been pumping for 2 months – and we haven’t attempted the CGM thing yet. But if it’s okay, I’d love to join in and post on my blog on July 1. I may not have a personal story to tell, but I will raise my voice in support of others and in protest of the fight I may be facing soon.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hmmm. Something happened to my previous post that described a strategy how cgmscentral.com can be used to accelerate reimbursement for cgm systems?

    Anyway, you should look at that resource as the centralized place to commune with each other regarding which letters of medical necessity have worked, which letters have not (and why) and you can relate this to the actual insurance carriers. There is always a consideration for the right tool for the job and if you head over there you will see that blogging and comments are great for small talk but if the community is serious about creating a guide that accelerates reimbursement you need to have control over the content and the flexibility to move the information around. Too often blog authors censor comments and their blog posts only represent their own experience. We need to get everyone’s experience and passion into a singular mission if we ever hope to really make progress on reimbursement processes.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. Eric Link Says:

    Hi Gina – You should post this on the cgmscentral wiki to promote it. Great idea! Also might get people to understand they can post to the wiki to share their experiences and help others get coverage!

  7. Dan (loves his diabetic socks) Brady Says:

    A very interesting idea, I suggest you make a short video and post it on youtube.com (and others). the search engines will pick it up faster.

    Jingproject.com lets you make screencapture video, and you could make that available to other blogs as well …

  8. Windy Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m on it. I’ll check out the CGMS central website too. I was a member of the Yahoo group, but unaware of this site. =)

  9. The Diabetes Talkfest Blog » Blog Archive » CGMS denial day: Extended Says:

    [...] If you have no clue what I am talking about click here to find out more about CGMS denial day. [...]

  10. Sunnie Says:

    I’ve had Type 1 for 35 years and have had so many insulin reactions, concussions, etc. during the night that my endocrinologist wrote a letter of medical necessity to Blue Cross/Blue Shield when I appealed their denial of coverage for a CGMS. I wonder how many people making their decision have diabetes!

  11. The Diabetes Talkfest Blog » Blog Archive » Update on CGMS Day: They’re Listening! Says:

    [...] I sent out a press release about CGMS Denial Day to prweb.com, and some other media contacts. Within the hour of sending I got a call from Diabetes [...]

  12. Nulcia Says:

    I have had diabetes for what seems like forever 30 yrs and Last year I was denied…denied…denied I don’t really understand what the problem was…they pay for meters…they pay for the pump…this is simply an advance in technology. Hey…I remember when I had to pee, collect it mix it in a test tube…thats right a test tube, and that determined your glucose range. I have seen many advances and the CGM is the best so far. Insurance companies don’t have diabetes…but people sure do!!!!!

  13. Greg Says:

    Insurance companies are more involved in the continued need for prescribed drugs and such than a cure for one of the top three adult causes of death. Why would they be against yet another product we (diabetics)would be hooked on for life and they could over charge us for. I guess CGMS are not cost effective for them yet which is cleverly called “experimental”.

  14. Lane Says:

    I am retired from the Federal Government and therefore was fortunate enough to get insurance despite Type 1 diabetes. Blue Cross/Blue Shield covered the Medtronic CGMS, but not the sensors. I am now covered by Cigna, and they just approved 90% payment for the new Freestyle Navigator I switched to, including sensors. Thank you, Cigna. I am very lucky. CGMS has made a terrific improvement in my life, alerting me to rapid and dangerous shifts in my blood glucose. It is criminal that some insurance companies make immoral decisions costing people their lives.

  15. Romell Fisher Says:

    Type 2 for past 18 yrs., not overweight. My dr. has said I could do much better with a pump and cgm. Last A1c 8.6,MDI and Levemir, plus hypo unawareness. I NEED A PUMP THAT I CAN AFFORD. My Arise Group Insurance denied my claim for pump and then a CGM. Said my C-Peptide was too good. From what I have learned non-fasting C-Peptide will only tell you whether or not you have Type 2 diabetes, nothing more. I would like to join my voice not only for my own good, but for the many other people trying to deal with this disease in protesting the outrageous denials by many health insurance companies. The are many examples of other health problems that are not treated with this complete disregard for the consequences of high blood sugars. Why can’t they see that we don’t want to wait for kidney disease to require dialysis, eye disease, heart disease and amputations before we’re taken seriously. And believe me I know of what I speak. We just buried my sister-in-law 7 months ago from the ravages of Type 2 after dialysis, by-pass heart operation and amputation of her right leg…doctors saying it was all caused by Type 2 diabetes and many please for early intervention by her to her group insurance who turned a deaf ear. I will try to pay for a CGM myself as Arise Insurance tells me that I am not covered by this group as one of the reasons is that “I do not meet the necessary criteria as they do not pay for things that are not primarily for my convenience or preference, or that of my family, or any provider.” Did you ever hear such “gobbly-de-gook.” I think most people using these tools for their diabetes would agree that it certainly is not convenient to be hooked up to a pump or even just a CGM.

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