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Roche Summit: The sit down.

July 25th, 2009

On July 22 and 23 I met some of the people that I have been talking to for the past 4 years online, and some even longer than that.

Why you ask?

We were all asked to be a part of a Social Media Summit which was hosted by Roche in Indiana. We can thank Amy Tenderich of Diabetesmine because she gathered us all up, and has a really great re-cap of the two days if you are curious about what went on. THANKS AMY! Also a huge D-OC big-ups to Roche for putting up with us for two days. We got a bit rowdy at the end. (bullshit, bullshit! oh Fran LOL)

My face is still killing me from smiling so much for the past two days. I actually felt like I was high for two days and no I wasn’t diabetes high or like smoking the ganja high or anything that haha. Like, high high from excitement!!

The first day we had a dinner which was like a 7th grade mixer as Dan Majestic the Director of Sales at Roche put it. LOL I thought that was funny.

Anyway, at each table there were I think 3 Roche people who we got to hang with while we ate. I was at a table with three other influential people in the diabetes community as well. Jeff Hitchcock of CWD (#15 in pic below), Christel Marchand formerly of diabetic feed (#8 in pic below) and Christopher Thomas of Diabetic Rockstar (#21 in pic below)

After dinner we all went back to the hotel and the party continued. A bunch of us hung out at the bar taking pics and chatting and chatting and chatting. We were in total blogger overload as me and Scott J #26 kept saying. It was amazing to hang out and talk in real-time, I couldn’t get enough. Some funny stuff happened at the bar too, like umm Christopher and Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary who is totally kick ass btw, going to get some alchoholic beverages and bringing it back to a “bar” so we could all drink it. LOL! And umm getting us kicked out of the bar. Well the bartendar was really slow anyway. And bitchy I may add. I guess she didn’t like us East and West Coasters LOL

So, we took the party up to Christel’s room #8 where Scott King #22 of Diabetes Health started up an intro conversation of how long we had diabetes and etc.. It was the greatest because I felt so at home with all of these people and they feel the same things I do and it was so great to share. So amazing. I am still in awe of this group.

In the middle of our pow wow. The room gets a phone call and its for Chris the rockstar? In Christel’s room, WTF? A guy named Tim wants to meet him down in the lobby. Who the hell is Tim? We had no idea but,  it was funny as hell. Chris could kick his ass. ( I still think it was David Edelman of Diabetes Daily he was really suspicious.)

As this is going on Kerri of sixuntilme #16 and George of the bad blog #25 are in the back of me ODing on ice cubes? (The say chewing ice means you are sexually frustrated BTW)

The night ends because well, we are tired and had to be up to make a bus at 7:45am Boo!!

The next day was a day at Roche where we all got together again and this time it was all business and like I said Amy has a great re-cap as well as Manny Hernandez of Tudiabetes.

So many great things were said, and I am so happy to have been a part of such a ground breaking event.

Below check out all of the bloggers of The Diabetes OC who attended! For more pics check out our flickr pool.

If you have a twitter account you can find out all about the Roche summit ##dblogsummit

Manny Hernandez of tudiabetes numbered all of the people in the photo so I stole it! Thanks Manny for saving me the work, I was going to do the same. :) I linked all of the names to their websites

In the photo above:
1) Riva Greenberg
2) Ginger Vieira
3) Kelly Kunik
4) Fran Carpentier
5) Calpumper
6) Kitty Castellini
7) Sandra Miller
8) Christel Marchand
9) David Edelman
10) Brandy Barnes
11) Bennet Dunlap
12) Lee Ann Thill
13) Allison Blass
14) Gina Capone
15) Jeff Hitchcock
16) Kerri Morrone
17) Manny Hernandez
18) Chris Bishop
19) Amy Tenderich
20) Kelly Close
21) Christopher Thomas
22) Scott King
23) Bernard Farrell
24) Scott Strumello
25) George Simmons
26) Scott Johnson
27) William Lee Dubois
28) David Mendosa
29) Charlie Cherry

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5 Responses to “Roche Summit: The sit down.”

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  2. CALpumper Says:

    Rock on girl! Way funny. Glad you added some of the *highlights*
    that you did. ;-)

    Btw, you can change Calpumper to Crystal Lane. It’s all good.

    So amazing to have been there. Wish I still was.
    Did you see the candid’s from Scott?? LOL.

  3. Cherise Says:


    lol you post had me rolling on the floor! Funny! Thank you for sharing. I’m excited about the future of the DOC.

  4. Scott Says:

    Nice recap … once I finish catching up on work, I’ll have to post my own observations from the summit!

  5. Scott K. Johnson Says:

    It was really something special, wasn’t it? I hope it becomes a regular thing!

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