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CGM gushing site footage

January 24th, 2010

Tonight I had blood coming out from underneath my CGM site, and when I pulled it out it started gushing blood. I don’t have complete video footage from the beginning but here is some of what happened.

CGM gushing site from Gina Capone on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to “CGM gushing site footage”

  1. Cherise Says:

    Gina. Sounds gross! I wish I could see the video:(

  2. FatCatAnna Says:

    Gina – You’re blood gusher looks like a few I’ve had before – we are twins you and I (am sure there are many others thinking the same thing)! Though I think that I surpassed you in the butterfly design I made in the paper towel when I had unfolded mine – I was good in art when I was at school. The things we PWD’s do to stay in the zone and laughing at ourselves!

  3. Bethany Says:

    Oh man! That’s awful! I’ve never had a gusher that bad from any site!

  4. Bernard Farrell Says:

    Ouch. I don’t know which I hate more: when these start gushing; or the bruises afterwards.

  5. Chris Says:

    this is really no big deal. You hit a small vein with your catheter and when you pulled it out it bled. There is no big mistery to this. In case this happens again, just apply pressure for a couple of minutes instead of just tapping the skin and it will stop.

    How is the CGM working for you anyhow ?


  6. Gina Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Yea, I hit a vein…the video footage was at the end because my hubby didn’t move fast enough to grab the camera when it was gushing out. I applied pressure which is why it stopped.

    The CGM works well for me. Are u on one?


  7. GentleB Says:

    Wow. Hi. My first time removing my Sensor it bleed fast and full! I was surprised. It is nice to know now that it might be more common. Thank you. I have enjoyed seeing your site. I just started in the Paradimg and Real-Ttime System last Thursday. Bob GentleB@gmail.com

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