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Can you catch diabetes?

April 3rd, 2011

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge at Wego Health
30 posts, 30 days Can I do it? #HAWMC

Today’s Challenge: Yahoo Answer Post – Pretend you are writing a question about your condition. It can be as silly/humorous as you want. Now answer it.

Can you catch diabetes?

OMG yes!  So funny that you asked me because I caught dia-bee-tus about 10 years ago, from Wilfred Brimley after shaking hands with him at a Cocoon reunion signing.



Other ways to catch diabetes

• Putting your hand in a bag of skittles

• Touching someone that has diabetes.

• Not washing your hands in a public place.

• Sitting on a toilet.

• Sharing a drink with a person that has diabetes.

• Heavy makeout sessions watching Steel Magnolias.

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9 Responses to “Can you catch diabetes?”

  1. nicole Says:

    you are on top of this HAWMC girl!! and thank you for answering this question, it has been on my mind lately…I just hope that Cara was not making out with someone at the young age of 3, maybe it was the skittles bag that got her!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    LOL. Coffee out the nose.

  3. Martin Wood Says:

    Too funny! I love the “putting your hand in a bag of Skittles” answer. All I wanted was to taste the rainbow, and instead I got stupid diabetes! LOL!

    Great job!

  4. Jess Says:

    brilliant. absolutely brilliant! can’t. stop. laughing. :D

  5. MelissaBL Says:


    In college, a girl asked me what a diabete was and how I got them. I told her it was a sugar mite and it crawled under my skin and laid sugar eggs.

  6. Crystal Says:

    Teehee. Cocoon.
    This post was SO much fun. You crack me up, babe.

  7. Jeff Mather Says:

    I think I might have actually made out while “watching” Steel Magnolias. (No joke.) What can I say? HBO used to show the worst make-out films on Friday nights in the early 90s.

    If only I had known the horrible toll it would later take… or that it would give me diabetes.

  8. Sysy Morales Says:

    Wow that was so funny, nice job! lol

  9. Gina Says:

    Thanks Sysy!!

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