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Coffee Tawk with Gina Capone

January 8th, 2013

Welcome to Coffee talk with your blog host Gina Capone, first of all I would like to say happy 2 month birthday to my son Bushmeister, Happy Birthday bubbalah.

So, I wanted to tell yous all that the other day on the facebook I put a call out to my friends to give me topics on what to blog about, diah-bee-tus and non-diah-bee-tus related…so you have tah-days post: Coffee tawk with Gina Capone. (origin:  Coffee Talk)

I am very excited about tah-day because I am ded-dee-cating this blog post to the late great Sir Frederick Grant Banting the greatest scientist in all of his-tah-ree! As yous know he invented insulin, ya know what keeps us type ones alive, oh my gawsh, give me a minute because when I think about all he’s done forus people with diah-bee-tus it makes me feel all fahklempt. Sylvia, give me a tissue, tawk amongst yaselves, ok I’m betta.

Would you believe the otha day I was at the staw and I see a girl with an insoonlin pump. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ohmuhgosh here I go again getting all fahklempt again. Tawk amongst yaselves.. I will give you a topic…

The Diabetes police is neither real nor fake… Discuss.



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4 Responses to “Coffee Tawk with Gina Capone”

  1. Keith Says:

    They are real!! for me. Here my last Diabetes Police. I am shopping and get that oh so special feeling, that I love so much. I see a trailer type hot dog stand, after checking my bs it was 54! for me when I get at that level I am starting to get stupid, my low bs fun!! LOL I actully get pretty dam funny. LOL a friend once thought I should do a comedy show while I have low bs!! They just don’t get get it!! Just what I want to do die on stage!!
    Sorry got off track. Blame Fibro my newest dx.!
    So I go up to the trailer order a hot dog(complex carbs, fat and protien) and ask what they have with fruit juice as I am diabetic and need it! He looks at me and says diabetics aren’t suppose to have this! Being low all I could think to say to was “It’s OK I have the bad one” I guess my low brain put him as someone that would also say this! ROFLMAO! By the way it worked as he said “OK” and gave me the juice, which by the way tasted SO GOOD!!
    Yes Diabetes police are real and most of the time stupid!!!

  2. Keith Says:

    Gina! check the code on your site here I am using Firefox and this text box is partially blocked by the Recent Comments box! Can’t see what I am typing. Example In this post I am missing the last “t” in text and “am”

  3. Alexis Says:

    Like butta!!

    I love this sooo much. One of my favorite skits, and one of my favorite people ;) D police. They do. J has encountered them, and I’ve almost smacked em. So yea.

    What’s next?? Meatballs!??!

  4. susan sloane Says:

    I like this site/just stumbles on it… I did noticed the low BS issue and may I suggest Glucose Quick Sticks..They look like the old pixie sticks/dissolve right away ..no chewing!! People are funny sometimes alout how they react/a lot of misinformation out there…

    Take care

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