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My 15 Minutes

• Sweettalk.org – Episode Six, The Diabetes OC, (2009)

Published in:
• Diabetes Research Institute Foundation — DRI Focus (2008) “Help, Heal, Inspired and Inform: The Benefits of Online Communities”, Volume 36, Issue 1 page 8

• Diabetes Health Magazine (2008) “Out of the Pot and Into the Fire: Pressuring Insurance Companies to Cover Continuous Glucose Monitors”, by Allison Blass

• Diabetes Heatlh Magazine (2008) “New Yorkers, Speak Up! The Fight for CGMS Coverage Continues

• International Diabetes Association- (2008) “Diabetes community in the US continues fight against insurance providers for repeated denials of life-saving devices

• Diabetes Mine (2008) “Grassroots Push for Continuous Glucose Monitors: Hear This!” by Amy Tenderich

• Jdrf.org (2008) “Diabetes Blog Starts CGM Petition

• MTB Europe (2008) “American diabetics fight for right to continuous blood glucose monitors

• Diabetes Self Management Magazine (2008) “What We’re Reading: CGMS Denial Week

The Five Gifts of Illness: A Reconsideration by Jill Sklar (2007)

• Diabetic Living Magazine (2007) “The Healing Power of Creativity” By Winnie Wu

• Dlife (2006) Video, “dLife Community member Gina Capone shares her dLife.”