Diabetes Pilot Review

We have reviewed the Diabetes Pilot Software, check out the details below!

Compatibility: The software package is actually two programs, one for a handheld computer like a Palm Pilot or PocketPC, and the Desktop program which runs under windows or Macintosh. For the review I will be looking at the Palm Pilot version and the Windows Desktop version.

Functionality: The software is designed to help diabetics track sugar readings, insulin use, and food intake. There is a reporting section that allows the user to create reports that can be exported to PDF (very handy for e-mailing your CDE). The food intake part of the software is very impressive. It comes with a database that is packed full of most of the items you would find at a grocery store. It’s very easy to “build” your meal and see what number of carbs you are going to be eating. It also has the ability to input new groups and foods. I have added many of my local favorites to the database and it’s very easy to track my daily caloric intake as well as my carb counting. The palm pilot part of the software allows me to record my meals, insulin use, and sugar readings while I am out, and then when I get home my palm pilot syncs those records with the desktop version of the software. This is exceptionally handy for people that are on the move.

Ease of Use: The user interface of the software is very intuitive. There is a data input section where you can enter your readings, food intake, insulin use, and other data. It’s in a log book format, and it’s also easy to go back and make corrections. There is the reporting section, which is also easy to use. As mentioned above you can export to a PDF file so you can e-mail it as an attachment. There is a food database section that you can do modify and create your own food items so you can use them later in the data input section.

Weaknesses: There are a couple of things that I did not like about the software. The first is that there is no way to sync your meter records into the software. This means you have to put all the data in by hand. This can be tedious, and it’s inefficient. Sometimes the software can be a little sluggish, especially when accessing the food database. I think this might be due to all the items I have added to my food database.

Value: The desktop package costs $39 and the portable version is $24. I really think you could get away with one or the other. Both might be handy if you have a palm and want the added ability to print and do more data analysis. You can go to their website and get a 15 day trial that is fully functional to see if you like it.

Final Grade: B+, if I could snyc my meter/pump to it it would be A+.
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